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You can guarantee to start off your daily Small Wins when you wake up, dont just jump out of bed and go do some work. Take a moment to start your morning ritual by calmly making your bed.

I recently shared a room in at a live event in Mexico with a guru type and now friend , he would meticulously make his bed every morning. Rather than jumping in the shower i started to copy his ritual and started making my bed. I felt that my unmade bed was a reflection of my mindset towards my morning ritual. Some thing which i am now starting to address and you can too.

Small Wins for Entreprenuers

My aim is to provide a morning ritual for go getters achieving small wins and not the commonly provided ‘what millionaires do’

So start tomorrow, wake up and get your first Small Win of the the day by making your bed. Apparently you will get a hit of dopamine as a reward as you mentally tick off this task.