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We all love Noah Kagan and Appsumo don’t we, amazing deals on web applications and software.
Now you can get any deal they sell very easily without spending even a penny.

I know what you’re going to say…  torrents, file sharing or copying software from a friend?


The answer is actually very simple and some of you will already have guessed.

Actually that’s a good place to start.

How would you get the $100 Appsumo deal that might change your life and boost your online business’s productivity?

My answer: Facebook


Step back in time 3 days to Black Friday and i spotted a few deals that Appsumo were putting on offer for only 24 hours.
I didn’t want to spend any money and thought if i could raise enough credit to buy the software then this would solve the problem.

I set myself a challenge, raise $50 in less than 24 hours, shouldn’t be too hard to do. Should it?

My challenge had a goal and a timescale. I would measure the progress in my account control panel.

How much credit did i have at the moment?

My appsumo credit balance


Tracking my Affiliate link

I decided to measure the clicks on my shared link using I copied my new link and started sharing it on Facebook

Time: 6:38am

Facebook groups
Posted affiliate link to a large closed entrepreneurial group, i didn’t try too hard, just mentioned how good the deals looked and that i had already bought a deal a week earlier.

My Facebook timeline

I had recently shared a link to the offer they had run recently and decided to refer back to that post on my timeline.

So i posed a question to a friend, ‘Did you buy the deal last week?’ and pasted in the affiliate link.

Time: 6:54am


shortly afterwards i added a list of friends from private group who had contributed to any conversation about appsumo. (time 6:58am PS – thanks guys who purchased.)

What next? well actually nothing i went back to normal development work and within 1 hour had my first email from Noah

Screenshot 2015-11-29 at 7.25.20 AM

Time: 7:50am – $10

Decided to up the ante and selected a few more closed groups to drop in a mention of the deal that was relevant to them

The post to a large group was removed within 2 hours. Oh well.

Time: 9:06am – $20

Slowly during the day i was getting email every hour telling me i had some new credits waiting to be spent!

Time 10:39am – $30

Time: 11:18am – $40

Time: 12:32pm – $50 YES! hit my target in less than 6 hours

I actually went on to earn another $20 from the referral link and gathered a total of 74 click throughs

Screenshot 2015-11-29 at 9.44.12 AM

Not sure what the 14 clicks refer to, i must have created a link earlier this year.


Bought my new software with my credit and went to bed happy. Woke up in the morning to find another $20 credit from sales during the night! (not strictly passive income but cool all the same)


From a pretty small action, posting 3 facebook posts i achieved a small win of $90 and felt great for it! The biggest takeaway was that by setting a goal and timescale to complete, made me more motivated to achieve it. I was only only lacking accountability to make sure somebody (or group) was aware of the challenge and hold me to it.

I actually knew this technique worked as 2 years previous i have done the same to purchase the clickminded SEO course.

What i love about the appsumo referral technique is that its a win, win, win situation, i earned credit, Appsumo gets a sale and the new customer gets a great deal on a new app or software!