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Want to start up an online store? i did…

I didnt make $20,000 overnight but i did sell over $400 of products with:

  • no stock
  • no marketing
  • no advertising
  • just 4 hours work

It didn’t involve drop shipping, complicated setup or months of training.

You can do the exactly the same in a very short amount of time and get actual orders within hours of going live.

Sounds too good to be true, well things have changed since i started this system.

It uses amazon to sell tshirts to anybody searching for products on their online store.

Amazon Merch Online Store

In september amazon started this new service to help app creators to integrate merchandise sales into their games called ‘Merch by Amazon

I stumbled upon this service and signed up on 5th november 2015, i created a test png file as their instructions and uploaded it.

All looked good, simple system and easy to upload and start. Within a few hours i had a notification saying my tshirt was live on my online store.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 13.50.49

I used an inspirational quote i really liked by Neil Peart the drummer and wordsmith for the canadian band Rush.

I didnt think any more about the Merch system until i was working on a different job using a keyword suggestion scraper i typed in ‘tshirt’ to see what amazon suggestions would say.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 13.56.21

One of the suggestions was ‘christmas tshirts’ as this didn’t focus on a brand name or logo i could create christmas tshirts without fear of copyright infringement. I set to and created very simple xmas designs of giant snowflakes and other christmassy things.

Uploaded and went about my other business. Time take approximately 4 hours on setup and design creation. As i live outside the US i had to set up a tax declaration and agreement which took a few minutes to complete.

At this point it was purely an experiment to see if i could sell ANY tshirts.

I had no expectations.

i checked in a few times over the weekend and the account summary still read $0.

On tuesday the 10th i woke from an afternoon power nap and low and behold i had had two tshirt sales!!!! $40 I was excited and toyed with the idea of some facebook ads.

The following week i had another 8 tshirt sales from nothing, purely from existing searches on amazon. Some people might say that 10 t shirts sales is not worth celebrating but i was pleased with myself. The passive income i wanted was here albeit on a very small scale! but scale i could increase.

At the weekend i logged in to view my new online store empire. what was this? Amazon updated the messages, looked like they were overwhelmed by new tshirt business owners

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.09.14

Orders kept trickling in and each one was a nice bonus as i was doing nothing to market or advertise the services.

Then the home page changed…

amazon limits Merch Accounts

I submitted a alternative email address to the invitation page to see how long it would take to signup a second account, had no response yet.

So the most complicated part of the process was setting up the artwork (a PNG file 4500 x 5400 pixels) I used Affinity Designer on the mac which costs approx $35 and can save in the exact size and format to upload to amazon.

Tip: Experiment and try things, you never know where it will lead and what other ideas will spring from this. I plan to add some new designs in the new year to promote this website.

You can actually buy the first design right now!



Apply to today for your Amazon Merch Account and start selling for free!
Just checked my account and i have $450 in sales!